The Oak and Serpent

comprehensive history of the O’Sullivan / Sullivan Clan


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The Oak and Serpent is a 718-page, comprehensive history of the O’Sullivan / Sullivan Clan, from its mythological origin as revealed in the ancient annals, through the Middle Ages, and up to the twenty-first century. A detailed history and genealogy of all the O’Sullivan sub-septs is provided, including the O’Sullivan Beare, the O’Sullivan Mór, the O’Sullivan McGillycuddy, and the O’Sullivan MhicRaith.

The definitive meaning of the name is revealed, as deciphered by Ireland’s leading experts in the Gaelic language. O’Sullivan heraldry is explained, the history of all 32 castles associated with the O’Sullivan clan is reviewed, and several legends peculiar to the O’Sullivan family are presented.

Information concerning the O’Sullivan Clan organization is shared with an invitation for everyone named O’Sullivan or Sullivan to join. The clan tartan, battle flag, song, and flower are discussed, and a thorough Clan Hall of Fame introduces the family’s celebrities.

The O’Sullivan / Sullivan yDNA Project is explained, along with its mission to identify to which O’Sullivan / Sullivan sub-sept everyone with the name belongs. 39 full color plates provide exquisite illustrations of the maps, arms, ancient dress, and regalia of the clan.

The Ó Súilleabháin family is the oldest recorded royal bloodline of western civilization. Its noble blood has christened the battlefields of the world for thousands of years. The family has produced paupers and kings, priests and pirates, and scientists and wizards. It has fought its many battles with both pen and sword. It has survived the hazards of prehistoric Europe; the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empires; the Dark Ages; the plagues; the Vikings; the Anglo-Normans; the Cromwellian holocaust and its crippling aftermath; the potato famine (An Gorta Mór); and two world wars. The Ó Súilleabháin clan is known for its ability to adapt, and it enters the new millennium strong, intact, and poised to regain its ancestral power.

This heirloom edition is fully bound in rich black leather and embellished with Celtic knot-work gold stamping framing the Seal of Milesius, the official seal of the clan. The raised bands across the spine are distinctive of the classic bookmaker’s art. Colorful end leaves are reminiscent of fine Old-World editions. Coordinating headbands grace both ends of the spine and add strength. The acid-free leaves are smyth-sewn; their edges are gilded for additional protection and elegance. A permanent satin ribbon marker ensures easy reference.

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