The Anatomy of the Brain and Nerves

Dr. Thomas Willis


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As Sir Charles Sherrington pointed out, “Thomas Willis practically re-founded the anatomy and physiology of the brain and nerves,” and “put the brain and nervous system on their modern footing.” At the Patronal Festival for Thomas Willis in 1915, Sir William Osler commented that “Willis is remembered particularly by the description of certain blood vessels at the base of the brain known as the Circle of Willis,” and his ‘Cerebri Anatome’ “was the best book of its date on the nervous system.” Willis’ work bridged the gap between the earliest Hippocratic physicians and modern times; his work may be said to be the beginning of the formal study of the nervous system.

This beautiful, oversized leather volume is part of our Classics of Medicine Library. It is bound in genuine top-grain pigskin leather and is stamped in 22-karat gold.

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