Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet

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The New York Times once named Edgar Cayce “the most fascinating man in America.” Despite having only an eighth-grade education, he was called on by world leaders such as Woodrow Wilson, prominent scientists such as Thomas Edison, and Hollywood producers to advise them on their most pressing problems. Treasure hunters, stockbrokers, and oilmen made millions of dollars from his talents, while he himself lived much of his life in poverty. And in a hypnotic trance so deep he was twice pronounced clinically dead, he diagnosed illnesses with astonishing accuracy and prescribed medical treatments that were years ahead of their time, curing people with life-threatening diseases.

In this definitive biography, Sidney Kirkpatrick offers a portrait of Edgar Cayce’s life and legacy. Kirkpatrick provides fascinating details of Cayce’s trance readings and shows how they were used by prominent and ordinary individuals. ‘Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet’ is an authoritative account of the life of this legendary figure – a humble man with a radiant gift, whose words and deeds continue to inspire legions of followers.

We are pleased to offer this work as a special SIGNED leather edition.

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