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25 volume Classics of Liberty Collection

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What a great way to start your Classics of Liberty Collection! Each of these volumes are fully bound in leather and feature raised bands on spine with gilt lettering, gilt page edges and cover design, ribbon page marker and marble design endpapers.

Below is the list of books in this exquisite 25 volume collection. Note that as the books frequently sell out before we are able to make an update to the list, some titles may vary depending on availability at the time of order.

Liberty & Order by Lance Banning
The Invention of News by Andrew Pettegree
Political Culture of American Whigs by Daniel Walker Howe
On Religion by Benjamin Constant
The Essays on Politics and Economics by Milton Friedman
The Trend of Economic Thinking by F. A. Hayek
Letters to a Chinese Official by William Jennings Bryan
Raid on Prosperity by James Roscoe Day
A Time to Speak: Selected Writings and Arguments by Robert Bork
In Defense of Freedom by Frank Meyer
Selected Writings of Benjamin Rush
McCarthy and His Enemies by William F. Buckley, Jr. and L. Brent Bozell
A Dangerous Place by Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Why England Slept by John F. Kennedy
The Writings and Speeches of Grover Cleveland
Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater
War With Hannibal Vol. I by Livy
War With Hannibal Vol. II by Livy
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Modern Times by Paul Johnson
History of Twelve Caesars Vol. I by Suetonius
History of Twelve Caesars Vol. II by Suetonius
Fatal Conceit by F. A. Hayek
Broadcasting Freedom by Arch Puddington
The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Republics by Edward Wortley Montagu

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