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The great civilizations of the past and the legacy of the ancient world, handed down through the works of the great people it produced, still exert a profound influence on us, from architecture to philosophy to modern political thought. The best minds in history have read and admired the ancient thinkers, from Tacitus, Plato and Cicero to Seneca, Polybius and Herodotus.

A leather-bound facsimile of THE HISTORIES OF HERODOTUS is yours for the introductory offer price of $24.95, plus shipping and handling, when you enroll as a Member in THE ANCIENT CLASSICS LIBRARY.

As a Member of the Library, future volumes will be sent for your review about every four to six weeks at just $54.95, plus shipping and handling. You may return any unwanted selections and may cancel membership at any time.

As a subscriber, you will receive works by such famous writers as Tacitus, Plato, Cicero, Seneca, Livy, Polybius, Josephus and many others. Selections vary based upon availability. For a complete listing of currently available titles within this library click here

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