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America: Imagine a World Without Her

Dinesh D’Souza – SIGNED


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Over the past decade, politicians and scholars have remarked on the “post-American world” and the waning of America’s power and influence.  In America: Imagine a World Without Her, Dinesh D’Souza sets out to establish America’s continuing relevance in the world “and provide a new understanding of what America means and why America is worth preserving.” Refuting the progressives’ labeling of America as a thief, D’Souza provides context to America’s alleged crimes. This includes an examination of history by evaluating the truth of those claims. Additionally, the author asserts that “America is based upon perhaps the most important invention of all time: the invention of wealth creation.” As a result, wealth is no longer finite. Instead, it is available to those with the ingenuity and drive to obtain it. Rather than fading into the obscurity of world history, Americans have a choice. The crisis America now faces also presents an opportunity to revive the spirit of 1776.

We are pleased to offer this work as a special SIGNED deluxe leather bound edition.

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