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This 3 vol set includes Milton Friedman classics: Capitalism and Freedom, Free to Choose, as well as a Collection of Essays on Politics and Economics. Each is fully bound in leather. In Capitalism and Freedom Milton Friedman addresses the societal conditions necessary to protect and foster freedom in his exploration of the two themes of Capitalism and Freedom: the proper role of competitive capitalism and the role of government in such a system. Free to Choose explores why you are paying someone else’s old-age pension instead of saving for your own old age, why the Federal Reserve doesn’t control inflation and recessions as it was set up to do, why some industries and some workers get a better shake than the rest, whether equal opportunity for all also has to mean that everyone gets the same income regardless of productivity. Essays on Politics and Economics is a general collection of Friedman’s writings that spans his entire career. These essays provide always fresh insights into topics that continue to drive public debate today such as health care reform, drug legalization, school vouchers and the economics of Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes.

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