20 volume Capitalist Collection


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This collection includes 20 volumes fully bound in leather that focus on defending and explaining capitalism. This set includes books by such well known authors as Thomas Sowell, Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, F. A. Hayek, Richard Pipes and a few others, including 2 books signed by authors:

1) On Classical Economics by Thomas Sowell

2) The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek

3) The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith vol I

4) The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith vol II

5) Omnipotent Government by Ludwig von Mises

6) The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig von Mises

7) The Raid on Prosperity by James Roscoe Day

8) The Mystery of Capital by Hernando de Soto

9) Property and Freedom by Richard Pipes

10) FDR’s Folly by Jim Powell (Signed)

11) Wealth and Poverty by George Gilder (Signed)

12) The Trend of Economic Thinking by F. A. Hayek

13) Theory and History by Ludwig von Mises

14) Free to Choose by Milton Friedman

15) Essays on Politics and Economics by Milton Friedman

16) The Constitution of Liberty by F. A. Hayek

17) The Progressive Era by Murray Rothbard

18) The Way the World Works by Jude Wanniski

19) A Treatise on Political Economy by Antoine Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy

20) The Fatal Conceit by F. A. Hayek

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