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    4 volume American History Collection

    Gordon Wood
    This 4 volume collection includes the following American History works by Gordon Wood: The Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787 (Signed by Gordon Wood) - won the Bancroft Prize and the John H. Dunning Prize in 1970 Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815 (Signed by Gordon […]
  • Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered

    Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered

    Russell Kirk
    Throughout his political and literary career, Burke opposed the “arbitrary exercise of power” and “denial of justice,” warning against the dangers of absolute power. He championed “the cause of the unfortunate” and “never had feared to attack the powerful, or to defend the weak, or to oppose to established interests […]
  • In Defense of Freedom

    In Defense of Freedom

    Frank S. Meyer
    When it first appeared in 1962, In Defense of Freedom was hailed by Richard M. Weaver as "a brilliant defense of the primacy of the person" and an effective "indictment of statism and bureaucratism." Meyer examines the tension between the freedom of the person and the power of social institutions. […]
  • A Plea for Liberty: An Argument against Socialism and Socialistic Legislation

    A Plea for Liberty: An Argument against Socialism and Socialistic Legislation

    edited by Thomas Mackay
    This collection of essays was originally published in 1891 in response to a collection of Fabian Essays on Socialism which advocated policies which would eventually lead to the modern welfare state. The theoretical and empirical contributions are fine examples of the classical liberal tradition in British thought.    
  • The Political Culture of the American Whigs

    The Political Culture of the American Whigs

    Daniel Walker Howe
    From 1834-1854, the Whigs were one of America’s two major political parties. Although dissolved just before the Civil War, the Whigs produced a number of prominent leaders, including Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln, and advocated a program of economic modernization for America. Yet according to Howe: “Whiggery was as much […]
  • Liberty and Order

    Liberty and Order

    Lance Banning in a special oversized leather edition
    Liberty and Order documents the years during which America’s founding generation divided over the sort of country the United States was to become. The founders’ arguments over the proper construction of the new Constitution, political economy, the appropriate level of popular participation in a republican polity, the direction of foreign policy, […]
  • Considerations on the Principal Events of the French Revolution

    Considerations on the Principal Events of the French Revolution

    Germaine de Stael
    One of the most fascinating, intelligent, and influential thinkers of her time, Germaine de Stael, was born into a wealthy and distinguished Swiss family. Her mother held a famous salon attended by such celebrities as Voltaire and Diderot, and her father, Jacques Necker, was Louis XVI’s minister of finance and […]
  • Revolutionary Characters

    Revolutionary Characters

    Gordon Wood
    Revolutionary Characters offers a series of brilliantly illuminating studies of the men who came to be known as the founding fathers. Each life is considered in the round, but the thread that binds the work together and gives it the cumulative power of a revelation is this idea of character as […]
  • On Religion

    On Religion

    Benjamin Constant
    Benjamin Constant’s massive study of humanity’s religious forms and development was published in five volumes between 1824 and 1831. Constant regarded On Religion, worked on over the course of many years, as perhaps his most important philosophical work. He called it “the only interest, the only consolation of my life,” […]

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