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  • The Wealth of Nations 2 vol set

    The Wealth of Nations 2 vol set

    Adam Smith
    Although regarded as the first scientific treatise on economics, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations should be viewed in a larger context. The social philosopher, historian, moralist, and political scientist, Adam Smith, attempted to create in this great work a synthesis of ideas that would in […]
  • Omnipotent Government

    Omnipotent Government

    Ludwig von Mises
    “With human nature as it is, the state is a necessary and indispensable institution. The state is, if properly administered, the foundation of society, of human cooperation and civilization. It is the most beneficial and most useful instrument in the endeavors of man to promote human happiness and welfare. But […]
  • Sale! 5 volume F.A. Hayek collection

    5 volume Hayek collection

    F. A. Hayek
    This collection includes Hayek's most famous The Road to Serfdom, The Constitution of Liberty, and Law, Legislation and Liberty, each bound in leather, gilded, and ready to last for generations. Friedrich A. Hayek, Nobel laureate economist and political philosopher, published his great work Law, Legislation and Liberty in 1973. In these volumes, […]

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