The Great Lobster War

by Formisano
with a special introduction by Alan Dershowitz
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A federal criminal prosecution for conspiracy to fix prices conjures up images of fat-cat capitalists sitting around mahogany tables in Manhattan or Seattle whispering about the prices of steel, oil, or computer software.  It sounds preposterous that zealous prosecuters from Washington and New York would bother with a motley assortment of Maine lobster catchers who were earning, in 1957, in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 a year, and who decided to "tie up" their lobster boats rather than accept the miserly thirty cents per pound that lobster dealers were willing to pay for their catch.  But in 1958, the federal guardians of our economic security trudged up to Portland, Maine to place the Maine Lobsterman's Association and its president on trial for violating the Sherman Act.



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