The Declaration of Independence

by Carl Becker
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The Declaration is a foundational document of American republican government. It provides the basis of American separation from Britain and set America on a new course. It was adopted by men who were well read and immersed with the philosophy of the day. Much has been written on the men who convened in Philadelphia and of the effect of the Declaraion. In this influential work, Carl Becker sought to study the document itself - its historical antecedents in natural law and British precedent, the philosophical underpinnings of the time period in which it was composed, and its literary qualities. In doing so, Becker enhances our understanding of the Declaration's meaning and purpose. The book was first published in 1922 but remained in print for decades because of its insights into the document and into the time period. This volume has been photographically reproduced from the first edition of the 1922.


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