Ancient, Curious and Famous Wills

edited by Virgil Harris
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This collection of wills is quite entertaining and is sure to be enjoyed by all, not just those of the legal profession. A wide variety of wills is included in this work, such as the will of a pig, the will that established the Nobel Prize, a will that attempts to bequeath property to the devil and many more. This fascinating volume contains the text of wills that are "ancient", such as Confucius' will and Solon's introduction of wills to the ancient Greeks. It also includes wills of well-known authors like Rabelais and Dickens, wills of European royalty such as Napoleon, Mary Queen of Scots, and a few others, as well as a few U.S. presidents including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The author did a great job of organizing the wills by subject and name.

“It has been my effort to select from this collection the wills which appeared most interesting and entertaining… The wills have not been created by the author, but have been taken from trustworthy sources…. They have been conscientiously copied and compared; in many cases, they have been obtained in places not easily accessible to the average reader. …the material required has been obtained, in most instances, from the original records of Probate and Court Registers in various parts of the world, by exhaustive research in Libraries at home and abroad, and by reference to magazine and newspaper files.” (from the Preface of the book, written by author)


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