10 volume Science Classics Collection

A great way to start your Science library!
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Full leather bound editions. Raised bands on spine with gilt lettering. Gilt page edges and cover design. Ribbon page marker. Marble design endpapers.

1) Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
2) The Skeptical Chemist by Robert Boyle
3) Micrographia by Robert Hooke
4) Logarithms by John Napier
5) Notes on the State of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson
6) Lucretius on the Nature of Things
7) Lectures on Conditioned Reflexes Vol. I by Ivan Pavlov
8) Lectures on Conditioned Reflexes Vol. II by Ivan Pavlov
9) The Birth of Mankind by Eucharius Rosslin
10) Experiments upon the Circulation of the Blood by Lazaro Spallanzani


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