45 volume Legal Classics Collection

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Full leather bound editions. Raised bands on spine with gilt lettering. Gilt page edges and cover design. Ribbon page marker. Marble design endpapers. Some titles may vary depending on availability at the time of order.


  1. The Common Law by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
  2. The Laws of Plato
  3. Lincoln-Douglas Debates
  4. The Law and the Poor by Parry
  5. The Chief Sources of English Legal History by Winfield
  6. The Grand Jury by Edwards
  7. The Irving Judgment
  8. The Trial of Jesus of Nazareth by Radin
  9. A Manual of Criminal Law by Washburn
  10. Hue & Cry by Pringle
  11. The Unlawful Concert by Gardner
  12. My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  13. The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy by William Paley
  14. Daniel Webster by Lodge
  15. Shaping the Common Law by Thomas Barnes
  16. Scapegoats of the Empire: The Trial of Breaker Morant by Witton
  17. The Divine Feudal Law by Samuel Puffendorf
  18. Great American Law Reviews III
  19. Thurgood Marshall by Juan Williams - SIGNED
  20. A Treatise of the Laws of Nature by Cumberland
  21. Government by Judiciary by Raoul Berger
  22. The Origins of the Distinction of Ranks by John Millar
  23. Monarchy by Dante
  24. Natural Right and History by Leo Strauss
  25. Whigs and Whiggism by Benjamin Disraeli
  26. A Time to Speak: Selected Writings and Arguments by Robert Bork
  27. Lindbergh Kidnapping Case by Lindbergh
  28. Henry Clay The Lawyer by Maurice G. Baxter
  29. Sacred Bond - SIGNED by Phyllis Chesler
  30. Political Language of Islam by Lewis
  31. Popular Government and Liberty under Law by Taft
  32. The Microsoft Case by Page
  33. Superstition and Force by Lea
  34. Lectures on Justice, Police, Revenue, & Arms by Adam Smith
  35. Trial of William Wallace by Ignotus
  36. Crime and Punishment in American History by Lawrence Friedman
  37. Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson by Keith Ablow - SIGNED
  38. Liberty and Tyranny by Hirst
  39. The Baccarat Case by Shore
  40. Law, Legislation, and Liberty vol I by Friedrich Hayek
  41. Law, Legislation, and Liberty vol II by Friedrich Hayek
  42. Law, Legislation, and Liberty vol III by Friedrich Hayek
  43. The Court Martial of the Bounty Mutineers
  44. Inventing the Middle Ages by Norman F Cantor
  45. The Great Decision by Sloan and McKean


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