Troy and Its Remains

by Heinrich Schliemann
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Troy and Its Remains is Heinrich Schliemann's love letter to the city of Troy and his belief that the events that took place in Homer's The Iliad were historical fact. Published in 1875, Schliemann was one of the first people to popularize archaeology with his books, his up-to-date correspondence with newspapers of the time, and his excitement about his findings. After retiring from business at the age of 36, Schliemann began to travel and study his true passion - archaeology. His travels brought him to Turkey to excavate what he believed to be the site of ancient Troy, and there he found the remains of an ancient city and "Priam's treasure," a collection of gold. Although later proved to be a lower level of Troy, Schliemann's writings and findings are fascinating to read, and his work still remains relevant today. 


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