The History of the Grecian War

by Thucydides, translated by Thomas Hobbes
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What could be more fascinating than to read a history of Greece written in its own time?

As the Grecian War raged between the Delian and Peloponnesian Leagues, also known as the Athenians and the Spartans, an Athenian general by the name of Thucydides made it his life's mission to record the events that transpired which dramatically shifted power in Ancient Greece. Now known as the father of "scientific history," Thucydides' writings have influenced historiography for centuries. In his attempt to apply strict standards of bipartisanship, as well as refer to evidence rather than the "will of the gods," he established a code amongst various historians regarding their chronicles of historical events.

Thomas Hobbes published this translation of Thucydides in 1629. This was the first of his works to be printed.


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