Every Knee Shall Bow-The Ruby Ridge Tragedy

by Jess Walter
with a special intro by Alan Dershowitz

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The story of Ruby Ridge is well known and it has been the subject of many books and articles.  Randy and Vicky Weaver were survivalists, racists, anti-Semites, anarchists and violent resisters.  They and their family were holed up on Ruby Ridge in northern Idaho where they refused FBI orders to come down and surrender on gun charges.  A shootout resulted in the death of Vicky Weaver and their 14 year old son.  A deputy US Marshall was also killed.  These basic facts have been interpreted very differently by supporters of the Weavers, government officials and the media.  Jess Walters, in his book Every Knee Shall Bow, tries to sort out the unknown facts and the deeper truth that made the shootout at Ruby Ridge the centerpiece of one of the most enduring conspiracy theories in American history. 


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