Inside a Class Action

by Jane Schapiro
with a special introduction by Alan Dershowitz
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Not only did the Nazis kill six million Jews, they also stole their homes, businesses, bank accounts, insurance policies, art, and religious artifacts.  The total amount of Jewish wealth that moved through Swiss banks was estimated at more than $3 billion.  This did not even count the wealth produced by slave labor and transmitted to Switzerland.  Nor did it count the millions of gold teeth extracted from the murdered victims, or gold jewelry taken from their bodies and turned into ingots and deposited in Swiss banks.  The Swiss bankers were not mere depositors for German loot.  As a government report aptly concluded, the Swiss were the principal bankers and financial brokers for the Nazis.  Neutrality had collided with morality and trade with Germany had the clear effect of supporting and prolonging Nazi Germany's capacity to wage war.  This book tells the story of a group of lawyers with different motivations, approaches, and styles and how these lawyers achieved a remarkable settlement for their clients.


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