Common Sense and Rights of Man

by Thomas Paine
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This volume contains the two most influential works by Thomas Paine. When Common Sense was originally published on January 10, 1776, it galvanized public opinion in favor of independence. Rarely, then or since, has a printed document enjoyed such tremendous popularity. Within 3 months it sold an astonishing 500,000 copies at a time when all 13 colonies had a total of 3 million people. Paine's partisan words hit home with electrifying force. The idea of independence was in the air and his, more than any other in America, became the voice for revolution. 

Fifteen years later, in Rights of Man, Paine created another sensation with his answer to Edmund Burke's attack on the French Revolution. But what began as a defense of the revolution soon evolved into a penatraiting analysis of the basic reasons for discontent in European society and a remedy for the evils of arbitrary government. 

Our Gryphon volume combines these two fundamental works by Thomas Paine into one beautiful leather bound edition.


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