A Short Introduction to Anatomy

Jacopo Berengario da Carpi with an Introduction by L. R. Lind
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It is generally considered that Vesalius pioneered the study of anatomy, however he did have a number of significant predecessors whose contributions were essential in the history of anatomy. It is argued that the most notable was Berengario da Carpi, who lived in the 15th/16th Century and is considered by some as the first modern anatomist.

He [da Carpi] possessed a bold and original mind, he made original observations, and he had a healthy scepticism of blind tradition. Evidence of these qualities, together with the earliest use of figures to illustrate the text, are found in his work... His illustrations...are renowned, and, although somewhat crude, they possess artistic merit.

- Edwin Clarke

This book was considered an important work both when it was first published in Bologna in 1522, as well as today. It went through four editions in the first 13 years since initial publication and was translated into English in the 17th Century. It is now brought to you by Gryphon Editions as a special leather-bound edition.



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