Selected Writings of Thomas Paine

by Thomas Paine
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In 1806 John Adams wrote, “I know not whether any man in the world has had more influence on its inhabitants or affairs of the last thirty years than Thomas Paine.” This collection includes many of Thomas Paine’s additional writings – most importantly a collection of the Crisis essays. Paine could fight as well as write. He joined Washington’s army and on a bitter night of retreat. He wrote Crisis I on a drumhead by a campfire. There was more fire in Crisis I than in a forest of blazing wood. Washington had it read to his pitiful army and they turned to whip the British at Trenton.

Paine never stopped writing. He wrote another Crisis whenever he thought it necessary. He wrote letters to every important man in the country, he reported the progress of the war, he rejoiced at victory. Paine was the one-man propaganda bureau of the American Revolution. He fought battles and wrote what he saw and thought and what his comrades saw and felt. He put into printed words the things that they wanted to be known; he was their voice and their guide. He nourished Liberty with his breath and sweat.

This leather-bound edition includes such writings as Common Sense, African Slavery in America, Rights of Man, Women's Rights, The American Crisis, The Will of Thomas Paine and many others.



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