The Trial of Captain Kidd

edited by Graham Brooks
with a special introduction by Alan Dershowitz
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On May 8, 1701, the curious parties gathered at the Old-Bailey for what was to be the trial for “Murder and Piracy upon the High Seas” of the infamous Captain Kidd.

“William Kidd, hold up thy hand.”

Thus began the proceedings. Over the next few days, the jury would hear the case of Mr. William Kidd, be presented with his “not guilty” defense, and survey the evidence. This is a classic case of English common law, from which the American legal system draws its roots. It would end in his hanging and the display of his corpse so every passerby would be aware of the severity of the offense of piracy. The Trial of Captain Kidd is the real-life embodiment of the excitement in your favorite childhood pirate stories, interwoven through a somber example of what happens to those who act as if they are excepted from the laws of their community.  Follow the timeless tale through the voice of each character in this famous case!


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