The Oppenheimer Case

by Charles P. Curtis
with a special introduction by Alan Dershowitz
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In one of the most notorious episodes of the McCarthy era, the eminent physicist Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Los Alamos Laboratory during WWII, head of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and adviser to the Atomic Energy Commission, was stripped of his security clearance, stemming from an accusation that he was a soviet spy. Oppenheimer had, in fact, never revealed any secrets, but among other things his opposition to the development of the hydrogen bomb and past associations with Communists and Communist sympathizers were enough to brand him as a traitor. In the spring of 1954, closed hearings were held by the Personnel Security Board to determine Oppenheimer's Loyalty.

THE OPPENHEIMER CASE: THE TRAIL OF A SECURITY SYSTEM by Boston attorney Charles P. Curtis is an in-depth analysis of the hearings and the verdicts of the Board and the A.E.C. Oppenheimer was exonerated of the charge that he was an enemy agent but was found a threat to the "defense and security of the United States." Throughout the book, the transcript of the interrogation and testimony is interspersed with incisive commentary by the author. The Oppenheimer Case, first published in 1955, is a thorough and lucid examination of a highly complex case that continues to intrigue.


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