The American Revolution: A Constitutional Interpretation

by Charles Howard McIlwain
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Quarter leather-bound edition.


Charles Howard McIlwain, a professor of history and government at Harvard University from 1911 to 1948, wrote scholarly works with such clarity and style that today's readers continue to find great merit and interest in them. For close to 100 years, readers have benefited from McIlwain's thoughts on the subject of our revolution. In 1924, The American Revolution was awarded a Pulitzer Prize as "the best book of the year upon the history of the United States."  


As always, Professor McIlwain writes from an inexhaustible fund of knowledge and with insight which constantly sheds light on the most interesting topics. No one has a finer flair for significant problems in his field, or greater art in conveying his own enthusiasm undiminished to his readers.

- Edward Corwin, constitutional scholar


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