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leather Darwin Origin of SpeciesA leather-bound facsimile of the original edition of Darwin's ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES is yours for the introductory offer price of $19.95, plus shipping and handling, when you enroll as a Member in THE CLASSICS OF SCIENCE LIBRARY.

As a Member of the Library, future volumes will be sent for your review about every four weeks at $64.95, plus shipping and handling. You may return any unwanted selections and may cancel membership at any time.

This introductory title, a facsimile of Darwin's landmark work announcing the theory of evolution, is fully bound in top grain genuine leather. Published in 1859, the book is the result of Charles R. Darwin's five-year voyage aboard the HMS Beagle studying and formulating an intellectual revolution. Darwin's observations transformed forever transformed forever the study of zoology from the standpoint of evolution and influence scholars to this day.

As a subscriber, you will receive such monumental works as Benjamin Franklin's Experiments and Observations on Electricity, Voltaire's The Elements of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy, Hooke's Micrographia and many others. Selections vary based upon availability. For a complete listing of currently available titles within this library, please email us at customerservice@gryphoneditions.com.

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