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ablow to wrestle with demons

Ablow leather bookA leather-bound facsimile of the original edition of Dr. Keith Ablow's SIGNED book INSIDE THE MIND OF SCOTT PETERSON is yours for the introductory offer price of $19.95, plus shipping and handling, when you enroll as a Member in THE CLASSICS OF PSYCHIATRY & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES LIBRARY. Dr. Keith Ablow is the Chairman of the Editorial Board for this Library. He has been called one of the 5 most influential psychiatrists alive (GESciencePrize.org) and one of the 35 most famous psychiatrists to ever live (Ranker.com). He treats patients around the world, whether in person or through telemedicine (e.g. Skype). Dr. Ablow was the host of the nationally-syndicated Dr. Keith Ablow Show, has appeared hundreds of times on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Fox and Friends and Inside Edition and is a national leader on new treatments for depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, Lyme Disease and attention deficit disorder.

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