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  • Thurgood Marshall by Juan Williams - SIGNED

    Thurgood Marshall

    Juan Williams - SIGNED
    Thurgood Marshall’s lifework was spent promoting equality for African-Americans together with greater integration into American society.   While Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders were more visible to the public, Marshall paved the way through the courts. Juan Williams has written an authoritative account of Marshall's life, detailing […]
  • Three Felonies a Day - SIGNED

    Three Felonies a Day

    Harvey Silverglate - SIGNED with a special intro by Alan Dershowitz
    Civil liberties attorney Harvey Silverglate makes the compelling case in Three Felonies A Day that federal prosecutors are abusing their power by using the criminal law to prosecute law-abiding citizens. Silverglate believes that we are in danger of becoming a society in which prosecutors alone become judges, juries and executioners […]
  • Jefferson's War AMERICA’S FIRST WAR ON TERROR  by Joseph Wheelan - SIGNED


    Joseph Wheelan - SIGNED
    Two centuries ago, without congressional or public debate, a president whom we think of today as peaceable, Thomas Jefferson, launched America’s first war on foreign soil – a war against terror. For nearly two hundred years, the Barbary pirates had haunted the Mediterranean, enslaving tens of thousands of Europeans and […]
  • The Creation of the American Republic and Empire of Liberty by Gordon Wood - SIGNED

    The Creation of the American Republic and Empire of Liberty

    Gordon Wood - SIGNED
    During the Revolutionary era, American political theory underwent a fundamental transformation that carried the nation out of a basically classical and medieval world of political discussion into a milieu that was recognizably modern. The Creation of the American Republic: 1776-1787 is essentially a study of that transformation. The author describes […]
  • Fear No Evil by Natan Sharansky - SIGNED

    Fear No Evil

    Natan Sharansky - SIGNED - Only a few left
    “Nothing they did could humiliate me. I could only humiliate myself.” Armed with this profound and liberating realization, Natan Sharanksy began a nine year struggle with the Soviet regime that amounted to nothing less than a moral standoff between good and evil. Upon his arrest in 1977, the two realities […]
  • The Founders and the Classics by Carl Richard - SIGNED

    The Founders and the Classics

    Carl Richard - SIGNED
    Reading The Founders and the Classics is to experience just how dramatically our modes of education have changed from those Americans who founded and formed the United States. These were men who began their Latin studies as children and became deeply familiar with the classics as they grew up. They […]
  • Bloodtaking and Peacemaking

    Bloodtaking and Peacemaking

    William Ian Miller - SIGNED
    Often overlooked in the history of free government is the great Viking republic established in Iceland in 930. In reaction to the strong centralizing authority of King Harald Fairhair of Norway, a group of Norseman fled to Iceland and created a society with a unique democratic structure lacking an executive […]
  • The Death of the West by Pat Buchanan - SIGNED

    The Death of the West

    Pat Buchanan - SIGNED
    The national bestseller that shocked the nation--The Death of the West is an unflinching look at the increasing decline in Western culture and power. The West is dying. Collapsing birth rates in Europe and the U. S., coupled with population explosions in Africa, Asia and Latin America are set to […]
  • America: Imagine a World Without Her by Dinesh D'Souza - SIGNED

    America: Imagine a World Without Her

    Dinesh D'Souza - SIGNED
    Over the past decade, politicians and scholars have remarked on the “post-American world” and the waning of America’s power and influence.  In America: Imagine a World Without Her, Dinesh D’Souza sets out to establish America’s continuing relevance in the world “and provide a new understanding of what America means and […]
  • The Genesis of Justice by Alan Dershowitz - SIGNED

    The Genesis of Justice ONLY A FEW LEFT

    Alan Dershowitz - SIGNED
    Alan Dershowitz is one of America's most famous litigation experts. In the Genesis of Justice he examines the Genesis narratives to bring to the reader an insight into the creation of the ten commandments and much of what is now law.  We are pleased to offer this work as a […]
  • Sale! Sacred Bond: The Legacy of Baby M by Phyllis Chesler - SIGNED

    Sacred Bond: The Legacy of Baby M

    Phyllis Chesler - SIGNED with a special introduction by Alan Dershowitz
    Sacred Bond raises some of the most fundamental questions about human reproduction.  It challenges gender roles in reproduction from every point of view: biological, psychological, moral, historical and legal. As is typical of Dr. Chesler, she is part of many of the stories she writes about.  The case of Baby […]
  • Gun Control in the Third Reich

    Gun Control in the Third Reich

    Stephen Halbrook - SIGNED
    Countless books have been written about Hitler’s dictatorship yet have failed to mention the disarming of Jews and other enemies of the state. Stephen Halbrook fills this void with this original and eye-opening work. Based on newly discovered documents from German archives, diaries, and newspapers of the time, Halbrook presents […]

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  • New! Sale!

    2 Signed Volumes by Dinesh D’Souza

    Two Classic books by Dinesh D'Souza, each signed by author and bound in genuine leather: America: Imagine A World Without Her: Over the past decade, politicians and scholars have remarked on the “post-American world” and the waning of America’s power and influence. In this book Dinesh D’Souza sets out to […]
  • Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet

    Sidney Kirkpatrick - SIGNED
    The New York Times once named Edgar Cayce "the most fascinating man in America." Despite having only an eighth-grade education, he was called on by world leaders such as Woodrow Wilson, prominent scientists such as Thomas Edison, and Hollywood producers to advise them on their most pressing problems. Treasure hunters, stockbrokers, […]
  • Malcolm To Keep and Bear Arms

    To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo – American Right

    Joyce Lee Malcolm - SIGNED
    Joyce Lee Malcolm's classic on the origin of the right to bear arms was cited by Justice Scalia in the D.C. v. Heller opinion three times.  In this work Professor Malcolm seeks to explain the origin of this right and the language of the Second Amendment in the context of English history.  […]
  • Restoring the Lost Constitution

    Restoring the Lost Constitution

    Randy Barnett - SIGNED
    The U.S. Constitution found in school textbooks and under glass in Washington is not the one enforced today by the Supreme Court. In Restoring the Lost Constitution, Randy Barnett argues that since the nation's founding, but especially since the 1930s, the courts have been cutting holes in the original Constitution and its amendments […]