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  • The Histories of Polybius 2 vol set

    The Histories of Polybius 2 vol set

    The Histories of Polybius provides a didactic account of the ascendancy of Rome from 264 B.C. to 146 B.C. Evelyn S. Shuckburgh’s The Histories of Polybius mark the first time this account was published in English. The Histories of Polybius: Volume I includes Books I – XI, while The Histories […]
  • Great Decision

    The Great Decision: Marbury v. Madison

    Cliff Sloan and David McKean with a special introduction by Alan Dershowitz
       The Great Decision, which is the subject of this historical account, was rendered in the Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison. The court’s opinion, written by Chief Justice John Marshall, is considered one of the foundations of U.S. constitutional law. By any standard of judgment, the underlying dispute […]
  • A Well Paid Slave

    A Well Paid Slave

    Curt Flood’s Fight for Free Agency in Professional Sports by Brad Snyder
    It's hard to imagine Major League Baseball without free agency, but it wasn't always so.  This book gives a comprehensive account of the Curt Flood case, the case that set the course for the rights of ballplayers and the future of baseball.  This edition also includes an exclusive special introduction […]
  • Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked Professional Sports

    Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams
    For years, in the shadowy reaches of the world of sports, there were rumors that some of our nation's greatest athletes were using steroids, human growth hormone, and other drugs to run faster, jump higher, and hit harder. But as track stars blazed their way to Olympic medals and sluggers […]
  • Lectures on Justice

    Lectures on Justice, Police, Revenue and Arms ONLY 1 LEFT!

    Adam Smith
    Widely acclaimed as the father of economics and author of the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith was a professor by trade– a professor of moral philosophy. It is enlightening to note the pay structure of professors at smaller universities, such as the University of Glasgow, where Smith attended and then taught. There, the professors only […]
  • Thurgood Marshall by Juan Williams - SIGNED

    Thurgood Marshall

    Juan Williams - SIGNED
    Thurgood Marshall’s lifework was spent promoting equality for African-Americans together with greater integration into American society.   While Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders were more visible to the public, Marshall paved the way through the courts. Juan Williams has written an authoritative account of Marshall's life, detailing […]
  • Man a Machine

    Man a Machine

    Julien Offray De La Mettrie
    Julien Offray De La Mettrie, respected French physician of his time, created a scandal in the mid-eighteenth century based on his viewpoints of materialistic philosophy. Humans, though a highly complex living machine, behave automatically according to La Mettrie. He notes that physical phenomena, consciousness, emotion, will, memory, and moral sense […]
  • The Conscience of a Conservative

    The Conscience of a Conservative

    Barry Goldwater
     The Conscience of a Conservative was first published in 1960. It is a patriotic cry for the preservation of liberty from the threat of intrusive government internally and foreign aggression externally. The problems described in the book were relevant then and retain their relevance today.
  • Three Felonies a Day - SIGNED

    Three Felonies a Day

    Harvey Silverglate - SIGNED with a special intro by Alan Dershowitz
    Civil liberties attorney Harvey Silverglate makes the compelling case in Three Felonies A Day that federal prosecutors are abusing their power by using the criminal law to prosecute law-abiding citizens. Silverglate believes that we are in danger of becoming a society in which prosecutors alone become judges, juries and executioners […]
  • Conservative Tradition Library Membership

    A leather-bound facsimile of THE CONSCIENCE OF A CONSERVATIVE is yours for the introductory offer price of $24.95, plus shipping and handling, when you enroll as a Member in THE CONSERVATIVE TRADITION LIBRARY. As a Member of the Library, future volumes will be sent for your review about every four […]
  • Sale! The Matrimonial Trials of Henry VIII

    The Matrimonial Trials of Henry VIII

    Henry Ansgar Kelly
    These are the trials that arguably changed the course of English history and subsequently redefined the course of Western Civilization.  These trials led to England's permament break with the Catholic Church and contributed to the success of the Protestant Reformation.  The marriages, divorces, annulments, and beheadings that were central to […]
  • Inventing the Middle Ages

    Inventing the Middle Ages

    Norman Cantor
    In this ground-breaking work, Norman Cantor explains how our current notion of the Middle Ages-with its vivid images of wars, tournaments, plagues, saints and kings, knights and ladies-was born in the twentieth century. The medieval world was not simply excavated through systematic research. It had to be conceptually created: It […]